Get Your Muse On! Change the World.

Get Your Muse On is an art studio for creative experiences Our goal is to provide a fun and safe space to hold the opportunity for individuals to explore their creativity. The experience is the focus because we understand the powerful impact of exploring your right brain by being willing and vulnerable. The primary mission of Get Your Muse On is to build and support a community of people coloring their world creative.

Get Your Muse On! It’s all about the creative.

Cathie Parmelee

A fourth-generation native and lifelong resident of St.Simons Island,Cathie Parmelee is a prolific storyteller whose bold color with added texture and shine to paint the stories she experiences in her dreams.She paints under multiple signatures— Cathie Parmelee,Dixie Love, Lizzie,Lovie and My Sister Sally—each with its own unique style.

Parmelee's work is in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the U.S.and her work has graced the covers of cookbooks and magazines. Cathie’s teaching style is relaxed and free of judgement. She is dubbed the Master of Muse and the Director of Mirth.

How does Cathie Get HER Muse On?

What was your favorite way of creating when you were 5? Making Sandcastles

If you could be a color what would it be? Aqua aka Tiffany Blue

What is your favorite food at 3am? Potato Chips and Sour Cream

If you weren’t an artist what would you be? Dead.

Traci DeForge

Traci is lovingly called the business side of the art business. She is a nationally recognized business strategist and owns a boutique consultant firm for entrepreneurs. Her canvas is a business concept. Her brushstroke a marketing niche. But enough about her day job. She dreamed up Get Your Muse On originally as an email address so she could constantly be reminded “Traci...Get YOUR Muse On. This desperate plea to the universe for any sign to encourage her to be more creative led her to Cathie Parmelee and the business was born.

How does Traci Get HER Muse On?

What is your favorite artistic childhood memory? Writing, producing and selling tickets to my own solo productions. I could be easily blackmailed with the photos and cassette tapes that still exist.

If you were a food what would you be? A blueberry. They are well rounded and sweet. But not too sweet. They are portable and good by themselves but also do well making the muffin the best it can be.

Where would you go in a time travel machine? June 1963. I wanted to be the first female astronaut.

What song lyric best describes your creativity? A little less conversation. A little more action!

Take 7 minutes to understand how society kills our creativity and then go Get Your Muse On!