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Abundance or Lack?
March 23, 2017
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April 13, 2017
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Explore Life in Your Own Way!

Pop of Color Podcast

Pop of Color podcast written by Traci DeForge and produced by Produce Your Podcast dot com


Being an explorer sounds like so much fun! You go out into the world and discover territories unknown. I used to think being an explorer was off the table for me. When I was younger, I wanted to be the first female astronaut. Now that would have been an exploration of a life time.

I have since realized you can explore life in many ways a lot less complicated than venturing into space. Become an explorer! Start small by looking for fashion trends in the magazines and seek them out in the stores to see how they work for you. Take a girlfriend and go on this adventure together. The trends might not work for you but the laughter will.

Some of the best ideas are born from detouring off the beaten path. Develop an Explorer’s attitude by believing that wherever you go there are ideas waiting to be discovered. For example, what treasures will you uncover at garage sales, thrift stores, libraries and gardens?   My personal favorite spot to explore? Airports. Although it may not be the wilderness, I am always surrounded by new people, places and things which are intriguing and new to me. Being adventuresome can be fun. An even better benefit? It can be the perfect playground for problem solving.

Stepping outside of the four walls that make up the box of your world gives you perspective and clarity you can not get from staring at walls. Try it out. Set aside an afternoon once a month and venture out to places like historic museums or art galleries. Walk around the mall with only enough money to go the matinee afterwards so the real focus will be on ideas that are new to you or that you see with new eyes. There is no sense of direction required on this journey. You just need a willingness to be open and discover new senses, new smells, and certainly new surprises along the way!

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