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March 10, 2017
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April 7, 2017
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Abundance or Lack?

Pop of Color Podcast

Pop of Color podcast written by Traci DeForge and produced by Produce Your Podcast dot com


Last week, I was part of a conversation around fear of lack and gratitude for abundance. My always positive friend remarked, you can’t have fear if you are grateful. My more cynical friend said abundance is relative. And you know they were both right. It is relative to perception. Darwin gross, once said, where one sees lack, lack manifests. Where one sees abundance, abundance is supplied. Yes, it is similar to a glass half full analogy but…oh …so much more important. You see if you focus on lack it is virtually impossible to be grateful.

Of course,things can always be bigger, better, prettier, nicer but if you make a conscious decision tolook at things through the lens of appreciation things start to appear bigger, better, prettier and nicer. It is not magic it… it just is. Try it! Your mission if you choose to accept is to notice the next time you see lack in your life try looking at the exact same things you feel are missing and see them as blessings.

Now, where do you see abundance?

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